Our dedication to showing the true beauty of diamonds and their interaction with light has led to numerous artistic projects, including flying diamonds in the night sky, designing exceptional pieces and setting within paintings


Flying diamonds

The spirit of the aviation age was a testament to man’s boundless optimism, and potential to reach for the seemingly impossible. We believe that the same spirit is encapsulated in diamonds, and that their ethereal relationship with light turns the human eye to the stars, and our thoughts beyond the limitations of our existence. For these reasons we brought flight to diamonds, lifting them into the night sky to observe their unique aesthetic properties in the light of the stars whose distant presence they seem to bring to hand.

Future projects

Bonds of Union will continue in our artistic endeavours and present diamonds in flight at key sites. We intend to further publicise the beauty of light and diamonds, as well as show their unique potential to broaden our horizons.


We have spent years developing and patenting a technique that enables us to accurately control the flight of diamonds and their illumination.

The photo on the left shows our early tests