Luminous Diamonds

The luminous diamonds pieces represent the culmination of a research project that began in 2009. The project’s goal was to design pieces showcasing the natural luminescent properties of diamonds, and exploring the techniques through which luminescence can be increased. The development of our unique method has enabled us to set diamonds in a manner that accentuates their natural brilliance, and incorporate initials and designs that, while invisible in normal light, glow a deep blue under fluorescent light. It is only through years of testing, and a variety of diamond sources, that we have extracted the deep blues found in our new pieces.



Bonds of Union regularly conducts research with laboratories and museums around the world to further the scientific and historical understanding of gems and jewellery. A recent project the world’s largest matching pair of flat diamonds enabled us to discover that these two diamonds actually used to belong together, in contact with one another within the same diamond crystal of over 200cts. The slicing of large diamonds in Mogul India was extraordinary yet so simple. We also discovered with a different scientific approach and high power magnification that the emerald lenses had also been cut out of the same large gem.

historical Pieces & Museums

Bonds of Union is also committed to furthering our historical knowledge of gems and jewellery pieces, as researchers and advisors on the provenance of gems, the circumstances of their production and their thrilling journeys across continents and generations. We have had the pleasure of working with numerous museums and international collectors.